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Handy Spray - Personal Bidets and Healthcare Hygiene Products.

· Easy to Install, no plumber required
· Ideal product for personal hygiene
· Environmentally friendly
· Simple and easy to use
Handy Spray is an ideal product for every home; water cleansing improves personal hygiene.

Handy Spray provides relief to expectant moms during pregnancy as well as postpartum relief especially after tearing.

Handy Spray is also an effective and cleaner option for feminine hygiene.

Handy Spray provides comfort during hemorrhoid flare-ups as well as during urinary tract infections.

Handy Spray offers the convenience of rinsing bedpans, ostomy bags, urinary pouches and cloth diapers right over the toilet.

Handy Spray
reduces toilet paper use and eliminates need for wet wipes making it an environmentally friendly solution.
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Handy spray bidet washer
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