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Hand Held Bidet Sprayers  
Hand Held Wand
Using water has long been accepted as a healthier, more comfortable and cleaner option than paper. Handy Spray hand held bidets are an ideal product for every bathroom
NEW Elite Hand Held Wand Series : Solid Metal connectors with a quick slide flow control and off switch.  Upgraded, flexible aluminum braided hose with a 5 year warranty. Screw-less hanger fits under tank lid. Non-chipping or corroding chrome finish.
Hand Held Bidet Muslim shower
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Muslim shower Muslim shower

Hand Held Bidet
Classic Hand Held Bidet Series : They are easy to install and universal fitting connect to every toilet. All Handy Spray Classic Series kits are assembled and tested in the U.S.A Simple to use even for children, with an easy to set flow control. Complete kit requires no additional hardware to be purchased.
Hand Held Bidet Hand Held Bidet
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hand Held Bidet
One Year Warranty (Warranty doesn’t cover spray head)


Held Washer for the Faucet
Hand Held Washer for the Faucet - Series 100: Installs easily to your sink faucet, allowing you to mix hot and cold water.  Sink connector has a diverter which allows you to use your faucet as well as divert water to the Handy Spray when you need to use the sprayer.  The Faucet Series 100 comes with a 6 foot lightweight hose making it easy to reach almost all toilets.
Hand held washer
Hand held washer
Six Month Warranty


Classic Series Customer Comments
"As a geriatric nurse I have installed these for several of my patients.  It makes cleaning them so much easier and faster."
- Mary Rose, Tennessee

"I installed it in 10 minutes without any pro help.  My kids use it themselves also. Love it."
- Aamar, Texas

"So much easier to use than filling up jugs to wash.  Don't know how we survived without Handy Spray."
- Ayesha, Illinois

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