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Healthcare Products
Handy Spray Hand Held sprayers are designed to provide convenience, ease of use and time/cost saving for healthcare providers. Healthcare providers can quickly clean incontinent patients quickly on the toilet itself without compromising quality of care, and reduce cost of wet wipes.

Handy Spray benefits for healthcare providers and facilitators are:   Handy Spray provides fast and efficient method for:
· Continuous care for Patient Hygiene
· Cost saving, less time required rinsing incontinent patients
· Cost saving by using less wet wipes
· Ease of use for healthcare providers
  · Bedpan washing
· Ostomy bag rinse
· Urinary bag rinse


Hand Held Multi-Purpose Sprayers : This kit installs directly to the flush tank’s water supply line with a safety shut-off . The long wand designed sprayer makes it convenient to reach all around. Great for rinsing off bedpans, ostomy pouches and Urinary bags quickly and thoroughly. Each kit comes with a bracket to hang the sprayer when not in use.
Hand Held Multi-Purpose Sprayers Hand Held Multi Purpose Sprayers
*30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Hand Held Faucet Series 100 :
The Series 100 lets you connect the Handy Spray directly to your sink faucet and mix hot and cold water.  Each sink connector has a diverter switch which lets you use your faucet as well as divert water to the Handy Spray when you need to use the sprayer.  The Faucet Series 100 comes with a 6 foot lightweight hose making it easy to reach almost all toilets.

Hand Held Faucet sprayer
Hand Held Faucet sprayer
Six Month Warranty


Classic Series Customer Comments
"As a geriatric nurse I have installed these for several of my patients.  It makes cleaning them so much easier and faster."
- Mary Rose, Tennessee

"I installed it in 10 minutes without any pro help.  My kids use it themselves also. Love it."
- Aamar, Texas

"So much easier to use than filling up jugs to wash.  Don't know how we survived without Handy Spray."
- Ayesha, Illinois

Hygeian Seat Bidet :
Our newest bidet fits easily with all toilet seats and connects to the flush tank water supply in minutes, without any professional installation being needed. No need for a separate porcelain bidet next to your toilet. Provides fantastic bidet wash, feminine wash as well as soothing comfort during hemorrhoid flare-ups. Hygeian Seat Bidet comes with a self cleaning sprayer mode.

Japanese Bidet Japanese Toilet
Six Month Warranty



Replacement Spray Heads
: The Spray Heads should be replaced once a year. With a replacement spray head you make sure that your spray units continue to their level of performance year after year.

Japanese Toilet


* Customer is responsible for shipping unit back to Etooti within 30 days of receipt.  The money back guarantee doesn't include cost of shipping unit to customer. "One year Warranty (Warranty doesn't cover spray head)."

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