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Hygeian Seat Bidet  
The Hygeian Seat Bidet offers the same convenience and function as a traditional porcelain bidet without the expense and bathroom remodel. The Hygeian Seat Bidet installs directly into your existing toilet without any professional installation. This style Seat Bidet is very popular in Japan and is also known as the Japanese Bidet Seat or Japanese Toilet.

  • The Hygeian Seat Bidet connects to the existing water supply to flush tank.
  • The Hygeian Seat Bidet attaches to both elongated and round toilet seats.
  • Adjustable nozzle aims water exactly where user needs.
  • Hygeian Seat Bidet self cleaning nozzle is automatically cleaned after each use.

Hygeian Seat Bidet : Our newest seat bidet fits easily with all toilet seats and connects to the flush tank water supply in minutes, without any professional installation being needed. No need for a separate porcelain bidet next to your toilet. Provides fantastic bidet wash, feminine wash as well as soothing comfort during hemorrhoid flare-ups. Hygeian Seat Bidet comes with a self cleaning sprayer mode.
Japanese Bidet Japanese Toilet
Six Month Warranty


The Hygeian Seat Bidet is a perfect for:
Feminine Hygiene especially as a natural douche.
Natural relief for Hemmorhoid sufferers.
Postpartum relief especially after episiotomy.
Personal hygiene especially during menstrual cycle and after sex.
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