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" you know, I cloth-diaper my 5 month old. With that, comes the chore of rinsing out the diapers in the toilet. For right now, I have found a method that does not require a rinse in the toilet; however, when Kara starts solids, I will be forced to rinse. Recently, I was allowed the opportunity to review a handy gadget to help make this unpleasant task a little better."

"The Handy Spray is a wonderful tool for any mother who cloth diapers. Honestly, after having the chance to use it, I would never want to be without it..." Click to read More     Handy Spray: A Favorite Mommy Tool

"As a mom, I am always on the lookout for things that make my life easier and anything that helps me with my laundry is on my must have list. Having a 10 month old and 2 year old, I am constantly struggling with stains, rinsing out clothes immediately, cleaning out cloth diapers, and all things related to very small laundry pieces that seem to constantly need cleaning."

"I recently had the opportunity to review the Handy Spray and it has now become a huge part of my laundry routine. When I first received it, it was suppose to just help rinse diapers out. Since I am a new cloth diaper mom, the very thought of having to rinse diapers out by hand did not seem appealing..." Click to read more.

"I had a dilemma when it came to washing my baby in the tub. I have one of those fancy water fall shower heads that I absolutely love and really didn't want to give up. But the head doesn't detach and it has a pretty powerful flow, so I can't use it for the baby."

"Well, Oblue has provided me with the perfect solution. Oblue is an infant and toddler bath and shower system. It easily connects to both shower heads and sink faucets. Its gentle enough to rinse shampoo from my two month old baby's hair but its also strong enough to help out with bathing our Golden Retriever. The Oblue made both these bath times a much easier task with its eight foot hose and easy shut off right at my fingertips. Bath time has become much less of a hassle in our household..." Click to read more.

Classic Series Customer Comments
"As a geriatric nurse I have installed these for several of my patients.  It makes cleaning them so much easier and faster."
- Mary Rose, Tennessee

"I installed it in 10 minutes without any pro help.  My kids use it themselves also. Love it."
- Aamar, Texas

"So much easier to use than filling up jugs to wash.  Don't know how we survived without Handy Spray."
- Ayesha, Illinois

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